Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller

Statholderens Food & Wine cellar

Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller is closed due to the Covid-19 situation. We have initially closed out Desember 2020. We hope that the restaurants can open in January 2021, but we do not yet know anything as the situation is right now. We are deeply sorry for this, but we are sure that we will come back stronger when the world has normalized. We answer the phone weekdays between 11.00-16.00 and we answer emails. Take care of each other.

Beef tartar
Pickled beets, lentils & tarragon mayonnaise
Cured halibut
Pernod cream, cucumber & rye
Takoyaki with spicy crab
Pickled ginger, crab mayonnaise & coriander
Sea bass
Petit pois- puré, tomato, fennel
& sauce vierge with chorizo
Onion soup
Tortellini, pickled onion & baked leek
Broccoli & parmesan
Sea buckthorn- rosemary granité
Pumpkin- carrot pure, chèvre, pickled red onion & thyme sauce
Cheese of the day
Pecan, basil- honey, oatmeal biscuits & apricot
Almond cake with apple
Marinated apple, caramel & vanilla ice cream

Menu 845,-

Standard wine menu 765, -
Upgraded wine menu 895, -
Juice menu 295, -

The menu must be ordered before 20:30