Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller

Statholderens Food & Wine cellar

Cured halibut
Edamame, shimeji & tomato- shellfish broth
Trout tartar
Dill mayonnaise, salmon roe, rye & cucumber
Chicken- bacon croquette
Little gem, cæsar dressing, parmesan & baked tomato
Chicken soup with chestnut & hazelnuts
Smoked duck heart, brussels sprouts & apple
Spicy beans, avocado & marinated red cabbage
Fried pollock
Brandade, carrot, pickled red onion & mussels- haddock sauce
Apple sorbet
Tea- espuma
Parsley- spinach puer, quinoa salad, broccoli, lingonberry & cep mushroom sauce
Cheese of the day
Basil- honey, plum, pecan & crispbread
Milk chocolate mousse
Pickled pear, maringue & pear sorbet with pepper

Menu 775,-

Standard wine menu 750,-
Upgraded wine menu  875,-
Juice menu  295,-


The menu must be ordered before 21:00