Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller

Statholderens Food & Wine cellar


Set menu:

This menu is only served in the Food & Wine cellar 

Please note that all groups over 6 persons needs to pre-order one single menu for all. If anybody has allergies or have products they should avoid we adjust the menus for them.

Menu 1


Raw marinated halibut
Mackerel rillette, cucumber-yuzu & almonds

Beetroot & Jerusalem artichoke
Pickled shimeji, kale & sherry beetroot gastrix

Mussel-saffron soup
Calamares, tomato & fennel crudité

Takoyaki with prawns
Pickled ginger, heart leaf salad & chive emulsion

Oxtail tortellini
Oxtail-onion broth, spinach & pickled delicatessen onion

Broccoli, cabbage & Lemon hollandaise

Yoghurt sorbet
Currant Granite

Beef tenderloin
Grilled heart leaf salad, mushroom cream,
hash browns & red wine-tarragon sauce

Cheese of the day
Flat bread, fruit compote & basil honey

White chocolate sour cream mousse
Passion fruit ganache raspberry and
passion fruit rum sorbet 

Menu 940,-

 Standard wine menu 825,-
Upgraded wine menu 995,-
Juice menu 425, -

The menu must be ordered before 21:00