Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller

Lunch Menu


The lunsj in open from 14.11-22.12.2023.
This menu is only available for lunch during this time frame.


Cold sandwiches

Cured salmon.
With mustard sauce.                                       
Kr. 280,-

  Egg yolk, beet roots, pickles, capers,
                                       horseradish and raw onion.                                         
Kr. 280,-

Roast beef
Danish remoulade, horseradish and onion.
Kr. 280,-

Herring platter
Marinated herring, tomato herring and mustard herring with curry salad and apple dressing.
Kr. 325,-

Warm light dishes and gently warm sandwiches.

Deep-fried filet of plaice
Served with Danish remoulade
Kr. 240,-

Warm liver paté
Mushrooms, bacon and pickled vegetables.
Kr. 210,-

Home mad fricadelles
Red cabbage and pickled vegetables
Kr. 220,-

Roasted rib of pork
Pickled red cabbage
Kr. 280,-

Specialities of the house

Shooting star
Deep fried fillet of plaice, steamed fillet of plaice, prawns, catfish
and cocktail sauce
Kr. 305,-

Christmas sandwich
Duck, pickled redcabbage and Madeira sauce                                    
Kr. 360,-

Statholderen’s Christmas luxury platter
Marinated herring with curry salad, shrimps with mayonnaise, deep fried fillet of plaice and pickled salmon with mustard sauce. Rib of pork, Danish style fricadelles with red cabbage, and duck with prunes and apple
Kr. 495,-

Danish almond cake
Kr. 75,-
Traditional Ris a la mande
Kr. 175,-
Petit Four
Todays cheese