Tasting menu


Please note that all companies over 5 people are asked to gather around one pre-ordered menu. If someone in the company has allergens, we can of course tailor the menu for them.

Statholdergaarden from 22.03-07.05.2024

Tasting menu

Amuse Bouche
Crab salad,
Tartar of veal, Cep soup 
Barley & scallop

Swedish caviar, nori og red onion
Beurre blanc
Sesam, mango, hoisin, shimegi, cabbage
Shellfish foam
Squid & halibut 
Black garlic, avocado, fennel, basil
Butter, capers, lemon 
Artic char
Squash, cucumber, leek, dill
Mussel-horseradish sauce
Morel, celeriac, artichoke, carrot, sea buckthorn
Red wine-morel sauce
Tonic and cucumber
Duck heart, Jerusalem artichoke, radish
Tarragon sauce   
Potato, kale, kohlrabi, charlott, salsa verde
Green pepper sauce 
Norwegian cheese
Raisins, honey, apricot, nuts and bread
Creme fraiche & red orange 
Almond and marzipan

 Petit Four
Lime tart, Guanaja confectionery with passion fruit,
 Macron, white luoire confectionery with raspberry

 Menu Kr. 2195, -              Wine menu Kr. 1945, -
The tasting menu is only served to everyone around the table, before 20.00