Tasting menu

Please note that all companies over 5 people are asked to gather around one pre-ordered menu. If someone in the company has allergens, we can of course tailor the menu for them.

 Statholdergaarden from 03.01-15.02.2023

Scallop, halibut & Swedish caviar
Cucumber and red onion
Dill sauce

Norwegian langoustine
Turnip, fennel, apple and spring onion
Shellfish sauce

Monkfish & black truffle
Blue mussels, carrot and spinach
Green peas espuma

Potato, leek and Brussels sprouts
Shallot sauce

Duck heart
Cured breast, onion and mushrooms

Nyr & cucumber

Hazelnuts, Jerusalem artichoke, kale and rosmary
Red currant sauce

Flower sprouts, cauliflower, beetroot and sweet bread
Red wine- garlic sauce

Norwegian cheeses
Raisins, honey, buckthorn, nuts and bread

Chocolate & Cherry


Menu Kr. 2070, -              Wine menu Kr. 1830, -
The tasting menu is only served to everyone around the table, before 20.00