À la carte

Statholdergaarden and Statholderens Mat & Vinkjeller is closed due to the Covid-19 situation. We have initially closed out November 2020. We hope that the restaurants can open on Tuesday 1/12 2020, but we do not yet know anything as the situation is right now. We are deeply sorry for this, but we are sure that we will come back stronger when the world has normalized. We answer the phone weekdays between 11.00-16.00 and we answer emails. Take care of each other.

À la carte
Small changes to our menus can occur daily.

Salmon & scallop
Swedish caviar and chive
Horseradish sauce
Kr. 350, -
Garlic, coriander, crosne and kale
Chili sauce
Kr. 350, -
Norwegian langoustine
Cucumber and root vegetables
Shellfish butter sauce
Kr. 445, -
King crab
Tortellini and green peas
Mussel- truffle soup
Kr. 445, -

Main courses
Black pepper, spinach, carrot and chanterelles
Dill sauce
Kr. 495 -
Jerusalem artichoke, onion and thyme
Red wine sauce
Kr. 495, -
 Breast of Duck
Duck heart, apple, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms
Blackcurrant sauce
Kr. 495, -
Quince, flower sprouts, hazelnuts and shallot
Cep sauce
Kr. 495, -

Norwegian cheese
Honey, nuts, buckthorn, raisins and bread
Kr. 295, -
Nyr & caramel
Kr. 295, -
 Passion fruit
Raspberry, vanilla and almonds
Kr. 295, -
Fresh fruits and sherbets
Kr. 240, -