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Please note that all companies over 5 people are asked to gather around one pre-ordered menu. If someone in the company has allergens,
we can of course tailor the menu for them.

Changes to our menus can occur daily.

Statholdergaarden from 08.05-19.06.2024


Artic char
Char, artichoke, fennel, smoked almonds, dill.
Shellfish vinaigrette
Kr. 460,-
Mint and lime marinated scallops, bottarga,
 coriander, shi me gi, ginger.
Scallop dashi
Kr. 460,-
Norwegian Asparagus
Asparagus, beetroot, roe, chervil
Capers-brunette butter hollandaise
Kr. 460,-
Main courses
Grilled turbot, leek, kale
Mussel-ramson veloute
Kr. 685,-
Monkfish, chicken, new cabbage, morel, onion, parsley
Noble fish, cauliflower and vermouth sauce
Kr. 685,-
Herb-roasted quail, confit quail leg, new potato, peas, tarragon
Shallot sauce
Kr. 740,-
Roasted sirloin, chevre and lamb sausage,
carrot puree, spring radish, black cabbage
Lamb sauce
Kr. 645,-


Norwegian cheese
Raisins, honey, apricot, nuts and bread
Kr. 380,-
Norwegian strawberries & Nyr
Nyr mousse, strawberry, almond
Strawberry sorbet
Kr. 380,-
Rhubarb & cream cheese
Pickled rhubarb, rhubarb coulis and oates crunch
Rhubarb sorbet
Kr. 380,-
Kr. 320,-